Time to pause and re-set for increased productivity

Time to pause and reset. With exercise your rest days are equally as important as the training, and the same principle works for your mind, the most productive item you can add to your ‘to do’ list is to ‘relax’.

Often we can find it hard to unwind because of the mind clatter of unfinished chores, feeling as though you need to strike off your entire to-do list in order to ‘deserve’ a rest, unfortunately there will always be an unfinished chore and if you view rest as a luxury treat it will be difficult to reap the benefits while you are constantly stuck in a loop of guilt and distraction.

Tess, 47 – ‘I have been guilty of using rest as a treat and it ended up being a carrot that was constantly out of reach, from a family of workaholics with an ethos of working long days it was so hard to let that mindset go. I found I was going through the motions of sitting at my computer struggling to do anything and going around in circles, like countless others I was eating my dinner at the desk and at times barely able to keep my eyes open but I felt as I have to continue because this was the working day – even though I was really achieving very little.

One day I just couldn’t carry on, I was actually apprehensive to stop but I switched off the computer and just went for a walk –  in the middle of the day – it felt wild haha! To say it was transforming is an understatement, I found that after a while the mental fog had cleared and I was able to think clearly, ideas started popping in my head and I was invigorated, I realised that I actually achieved more than the hour I would have sat at my desk.

Now I am confident about taking what I call the ‘pause & reset’, if I am feeling blocked I stop and take a moment, sometimes as little as 10 minutes is refreshing or I’ll go out for a walk and the ideas and energy flow back to me’.

It is important to find the best way for you as not everyone enjoys relaxation in the same way, what do you do to pause & reset?

*All names are changed

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