Fighting against physical and mental fatigue

Fighting physical and mental fatigue requires a holistic approach that addresses both the body and mind. Here are some lifestyle strategies you can try along with supplementation including our energy supplements containing a vital ingredient: astaxanthin.

  • Get enough sleep: Make sure you’re getting adequate and quality sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night and establish a regular sleep schedule.
  • Exercise regularly: Engaging in regular physical activity can boost your energy levels and improve your overall well-being. Choose activities you enjoy, such as walking, jogging, dancing, or yoga.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Fuel your body with nutritious foods that provide sustained energy. Focus on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Avoid excessive sugar and processed foods that can lead to energy crashes.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can contribute to fatigue. Drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated and maintain optimal bodily functions.
  • Take breaks: Allow yourself regular breaks during work or mentally demanding activities. Short breaks can help refresh your mind and prevent mental exhaustion.
  • Practice stress management techniques: Chronic stress can lead to both physical and mental fatigue. Incorporate stress reduction techniques into your daily routine, such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, or engaging in hobbies you enjoy.
  • Prioritise self-care: Take time for activities that rejuvenate you. This could include reading, listening to music, taking baths, spending time in nature, or engaging in creative pursuits.
  • Seek social support: Connect with friends, family, or support groups. Social interactions can provide emotional support, alleviate stress, and boost your mood.
  • Manage your workload: Break down tasks into manageable chunks, set priorities, and delegate when possible. Avoid overcommitting yourself and learn to say no when necessary.
  • Consider professional help: If fatigue persists and significantly affects your daily life, consider seeking help from a healthcare professional. They can help identify any underlying health conditions or provide guidance on managing fatigue.
  • Supplementation
    Try our energy complex for men and women:

Forgetfulness and difficulties to concentrate can be the first signs of cognitive decline. Supplementing the daily diet with natural astaxanthin can help to improve memory and enhance cognitive functioning. In a clinical study with 96 older patients with symptoms of forgetfulness it was shown that supplementation with astaxanthin significantly improved mental agility, reaction time, multitasking, memory and learning.

Daily life very often exposes us to physical and mental stress that can affect our cognitive function and general mental wellbeing. In a study simulating daily stress by exposing healthy participants to a combination of physical (cycling) and mental (calculation) tasks revealed that individuals receiving astaxanthin as a dietary supplement showed better results during the mental task, felt less stress, expressed higher mental clarity and focus, and evaluated their mental wellbeing significantly higher than the participants in the placebo group.

The effects of astaxanthin include help for:

  • Physical Fatigue: Astaxanthin has been suggested to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce exercise-induced fatigue and muscle damage. Some studies have shown that astaxanthin supplementation can improve endurance, increase muscle strength, and reduce muscle damage caused by exercise. It is believed that these effects are due to astaxanthin’s ability to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Mental Fatigue: Astaxanthin has also been investigated for its potential to alleviate mental fatigue and improve cognitive function. Studies have suggested that astaxanthin may enhance mental focus, attention, and memory. It is believed that astaxanthin’s antioxidant properties play a role in protecting brain cells from oxidative stress, which can contribute to mental fatigue. Additionally, astaxanthin has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to directly affect brain function.
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