about us

Vita Healthcare limited is a UK Limited company with a primary focus in offering unique, high-quality, innovative health products with premium and effective active ingredients. As part of our offering we introduce to the UK one of the leading supplements brands in Switzerland, focussing on the areas of osteoarthritis, mobility, sports injuries (preventive and post-operative), performance, vitality and anti-ageing.

All products have been developed in Switzerland on the basis of scientific studies and experience gained in medical practice, proving their worth every day in the treatment. Additionally, continued dialogue with experts and users is core to product development. Countless users (including competitive athletes) benefit from the outstanding quality and ease of use of these unique Swiss preparations.

Nature provides, science enables. Harnessing the latest technologies, our supplements are the most advanced micro-nutritional solutions to your lifestyle. Intuitive, thoroughly researched solutions developed by experts.

Unlock a better, stronger, longer life, take control of your health, boost your energy and feel great. Our supplements fit seamlessly and easily into your daily routine, and are tailored to provide the most potent, vital ingredients required for your optimum health.

Unlock optimum energy, anti-ageing, health and wellness with our Swiss quality health products.

From nutrition tips to mindfulness practices, fitness routines to mental well-being strategies, we explore the pathways to a life filled with vitality. 

Explore the powerful components that play a pivotal role in supporting your overall well-being.

Unlock optimum energy, anti-ageing, health and wellness with our Swiss quality health products