Increase fat metabolism, reduce cravings and lose weight

When our liver is overburdened it becomes toxic and consequently unable to metabolise nutrients and fats properly, this slows down metabolism which consequently leads to weight gain and lethargy.

The liver is organ of the digestive system and it’s function is to breakdown endogenous & foreign substances such as bilirubin, urea, alcohol, toxins, and pharmaceuticals, however, an accumulation of fat and toxins can affect its functioning, and as the liver slows down fat can be deposited in other parts of the body causing weight gain.

Vita Amaraxanthin DTX® contains a combination of  ‘bitter’ substances including choline, artichoke leaves, extracts of turmeric, gentian, dandelion, pomegranate etc) that are proven to help support the liver – in part by increasing saliva and stomach acids – this effect reduces toxins and helps the liver to return to a healthy state, increasing metabolism and decreasing fat.

In addition, bitter substances reduce sugar cravings, research has found that consuming bitter foods shuts down the receptors in our brains that drive us to desire and consume sugar. Bitter foods and plants can help slow the absorption of sugar and regulate blood sugar levels*.

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Vita Neuro Xanthin

Vita Neuro Xanthin

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Vita Amara Drink DTX

Vita Amara Drink DTX

The liver can become overloaded by stress, poor diet, processed foods, medications and environmental toxins that can lead to non…
Vita Amara Xanthin DTX

Vita Amara Xanthin DTX

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