How to strengthen weak, brittle hair and reduce hair loss

‘I am so happy that Vita Collagen Complex is now available to buy in the UK’ our customer Jennifer* from London told us, explaining that for a long period of time her once healthy, vibrant hair had been noticeably falling out, weak and brittle with a cycle of continued breakage that left her hair looking stressed and old, and ruined her confidence.

Having been ruled out of any medical reasons Jennifer had tried a lot of supplements, products and even diets that ended up being a waste of time and money, it was actually her Swiss husband that introduced her to our Vita collagen complex products, renowned in Switzerland these highly advanced nutraceuticals contain a potent combination of vitality restoring ingredients.

‘I know they are not cheap but I’ve never looked back, it is actually astounding how well these supplements worked for my hair, they are worth every penny to regain my confidence in my appearance. The effects are certainly cumulative and I realise that I have new benefits all the time – including glowing skin –  so I wouldn’t be without them now’

Try our Vita Collagen Complex® for yourself and invest in your today and future hair, skin and vitality, start with a daily routine to keep your skin topped up with high quality Swiss ingredients that will keep you looking and feeling good for life.


*Customer name has been changed

Vita Collagen Complex Plus

Vita Collagen Complex Plus

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Vita Pro Collagen

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Vita Collagen Complex

Vita Collagen Complex

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