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rejuvenate • re~energise • revitalise • renewal

• rejuvenate • re~energise
• revitalise • renewal

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Switzerland has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in science and research, combining cutting-edge scientific advancements with rigorous quality control measures to produce supplements that meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

Our Swiss-developed supplements are backed by extensive scientific research, ensuring that they are formulated with the most bioavailable and effective ingredients. Our scientists collaborate with nutritionists, healthcare professionals and competitive athletes to create products that address specific health needs, from skin vitality, energy and joint health to cognitive enhancement. 

Exceptional Ingredients. Science Driven. Proven Results.

Exceptional Ingredients.
Science Driven.



The world’s best kept anti-ageing secret, our highest content possible collagen supplements (grass fed bovine and chicken sources) that deliver the most incredible results

for incredible skin,
hair & vitality

Three incredibly high quality supplements that offer dramatic results for your skin, hair, nails and body, superior results in reducing and reversing the signs of ageing, our high quality, highly concentrated collagen supplements contain the world’s most effective, optimised skin boosting ingredients.

Contents contain 10,000mg of collagen hydrolysate + hyaluronic acid + Swiss hero ingredient: astaxanthin, and many more premium skin-enhancing ingredients

Experience enhanced energy activation, nutrients optimised for performance and a clear, focussed mind

for optimum
energy & focus

Two incredible supplements containing a potent selection of the world’s most renowned  ingredients designed to unlock energy activation in the modern active man & woman.

Increase energy and optimise focussed performance, enhance mood, mental clarity and memory.

Contents contain curcurma + co enzyme Q10+ maca extract + Swiss hero ingredient: astaxanthin, and many more premium energy activating ingredients




Three joint heroes containing astaxanthin and collagen hydrolysate, providing cushioning and pain relief from osteoarthritis

for powerful joint,
relief & arthritis

Tried, tested and approved by top athletes and arthritis sufferers our incredibly powerful chondroCurma® supplements have changed the lives of many people previously living with the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis, arthritis and joint / mobility issues.

The range of 2 supplements – available in capsule or drink form – are scientifically formulated, powerful ingredient combinations that not only reduce severe pain but also provide cushioning for, and improved performance of the joints, and prevent any further degeneration.

This powerhouse combination of high potency, active ingredients  are a ‘must have’ supplement to aid in protective effects for your cartilage, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Contents contain chondroitin sulphate + glucosamine + hyaluronic acid + Swiss hero ingredient: astaxanthin, and many more world class cushioning and joint /pain relief ingredients

Six extensively researched optimum nutrient supplements in the areas of eye health, cognitive function, liver health and immunity.

for vitality in
body & mind

Tailored to provide the most potent, vital ingredients to soothe and heal the body and clarify the mind and soul.

Contents include krill oil + lutein + bitter substances for the liver + Swiss hero ingredient: astaxanthin, and many more incredible ingredients for a range of health benefits



1000's of Glowing, Satisfied Customers.

1000's of Glowing,
Satisfied Customers.

The world's best kept anti-ageing secrets

We are proud of our reputation in the supplement industry and have many satisfied customers, including health practitioners and professional athletes. Real people, incredible results….

'worth every penny to have confidence in my appearance again'

‘I am so happy that Vita Collagen Complex is now available to buy in the UK’ our customer Jennifer* told us, explaining that for a long period of time her once healthy, vibrant hair had been noticeably falling out, weak and brittle with a cycle of continued breakage that left her hair looking stressed and old, and ruined her confidence.

Having been ruled out of any medical reasons Jennifer had tried a lot of supplements, products and even diets that ended up being a waste of time and money, it was actually Jennifer’s Swiss husband that introduced her to our Vita collagen complex®, renowned in Switzerland these advanced supplements contain a potent combination of vitality restoring ingredients.

‘I’ve never looked back, it is actually astounding how well these supplements worked for my hair, they are worth every penny to get the confidence back in my appearance. The effects are certainly cumulative and I realise that I have new benefits all the time – including glowing skin –  so I wouldn’t be without them now’


'My wrinkles are noticably reduced'

Vita Collagen Pro®
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'I want to make sure I enjoy the early days

Vita Engery Complex for Women®
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'My secret weapon for tackling long work hours'

Vita Energy Complex for Men®
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'I can't believe I have fabulous hair!'

Vita Collagen Complex Plus®
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Premium quality. Tested & Trusted. Recommended by Experts.

Premium quality.
Tested & Trusted.
Recommended by Experts.


beyond vitamins & minerals

Supplements containing exceptionally high quality astaxanthin, this incredible anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient supports skin and joint health, improves eyesight, endurance, heart health and cognitive function.

All formulations feature hero ingredients, each recognised for their remarkable health benefits.


Our guide to the essential ingredients found in our quality supplements that are carefully designed to promote a healthier life. Explore the powerful components that play a pivotal role in supporting your overall well-being.

For Health. For Mind. For soul. For Life.

For Health. For Mind.
For soul. For Life.


In an era where health and wellness have taken centre stage, understanding the pivotal role that supplements can play in optimising our well-being is crucial. We shed light on how to enhance your vitality, support your immune system, improve cognitive function and contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle.

The reviews

"Game changer! This is the only supplement that helped to strengthen my hair after an extended period of weakening and falling out"
"I have seen a phenomenal result in my skin, hair and nails, and has actually helped get me back to my love of running as my knees and hips no longer ache, my recovery post-exercise is so much quicker"
Graham G
June 24, 2021
I suffered from severe psoriasis on both forearms for over 20 years. All dermatological treatments have brought nothing (apart from undesirable side effects). I have been taking Vita Pro Collagen capsules for 7 weeks now and the symptoms such as biting, itching etc. have disappeared and the complexion is almost normal again
Kay J.
'I am a competitive athlete (marathon) and I think I have exhausted my training and diet. Now 6 weeks ago my sports doctor recommended Vita chondroCurma Plus drink and Vita chondroCurma capsules as a dietary supplement. He also takes this drink and capsules himself in order to be able to maintain concentration during long operations. Since these 6 weeks I have been taking drinks and capsules alternately and regularly and feel that I get into the anaerobic area much later (also during training) and that this improves my running times. Thank goodness both products are on the Cologne list'
D. Anderson
'For years I had severe osteoarthritis pain in my wrists and right knee. Since I have been taking Vita ChondroCurma plus, which was highly recommended to me by a friend, the pain has gradually disappeared. I am very enthusiastic and as an orthopaedist I would not have thought this possible'
A friend mentioned he was taking Vita collagen supplements to help with his hair loss but that he had encountered other benefits such as increased energy and better skin, he had been surprised by the results and I could actually see them so I didn’t take much persuading to try them for myself. It wasn’t long before I saw results, my skin started to look healthy, and my hair stronger than it’s ever been! What’s more I have energy and I am looking forward to seeing more cumulative effects, it really has been a game changer and I will certainly continue to take them as part of my daily health and fitness regime.

Unlock optimum energy, anti-ageing, health and wellness with our Swiss quality health products.

From nutrition tips to mindfulness practices, fitness routines to mental well-being strategies, we explore the pathways to a life filled with vitality. 

Explore the powerful components that play a pivotal role in supporting your overall well-being.

Unlock optimum energy, anti-ageing, health and wellness with our Swiss quality health products