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So excited to get my Vita Pro-Collagen® package today, and make a start on my skin journey.

Full disclosure, I work for Swiss Healthcare UK on our socials and website so I am getting my supply of Pro-Collagen free to test, I want to get the word out there as to how good these supplements are and I felt it is important for us to show our customers real results – I am a very willing guinea pig!

I felt that glamorous instagram ‘influencers’ that just say what you want them to say were not really the best way of showcasing our products, I think it is important to represent an honest, warts and all, day to day (well, as often as possible) testimonial, and I assure you I will be as honest as possible.

My skin background, at the moment my skin is really not good, I seem to have developed an allergy, I haven’t got to the bottom of it yet but I believe it to be eczema, it began after a hot pod yoga class about 4 weeks ago and then has been getting gradually worse, I think I’ve narrowed the trigger down to a couple of ingredients – citronellol and limonene, and avoiding anything that contains them. Also, I read that citric fruits such as lemons can aggravate so I am going to avoid that.

I’ve always had a stormy relationship with my skin and each year brings some brand new drama to try and deal with, after reading all of the benefits of Pro-collagen I am convinced that this is going to help me, I am looking forward to the anti-inflammatory action, plus my hair and nails are so brittle it would be amazing to get some life back into the structure, so, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I will keep an open mind.


I am not used to taking pictures of myself like this and will have to learn to smile more! Sorry about the miserable face.

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Vita pro collagen®

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Vita collagen complex plus

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Vita collagen complex®

30 sachets@14g each