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active ingredients.
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Optimum health for a more productive life

Be the best that you can be with our range of professional health supplements, developed in Swiss laboratories for wellness and longevity.

The lifestyle enhancer

for women

Vita energy complex
for Women®

An ideally composed and highly concentrated blend of ingredients that provide clear, focussed mind, strong cognitive functions and energy for the modern active woman

The vitality restorer

Vita Pro Collagen®

highly effective daily collagen supplement with hyaluronic acid for optimum skin health, and vitality for the whole body.

The pain reliever

Vita Pro Flex®

An innovative, drug-free way to treat joint pain and stiffness and care for sports injuries and joints.

Nature provides, science enables

Harnessing the latest technologies, our supplements are the most advanced micro-nutritional solutions to your lifestyle. Intuitive, thoroughly researched solutions developed by experts.

Customer review

pain stopped me enjoying life

Ellen, Derbyshire*

ChondroCurma® has given me my life back

A doctor friend recommended Vita ChondroCurma® after I began to have difficulty with pain in my knee, walking is one of my passions and I was miserable not being able to get out and enjoy the countryside. Despite scepticism at this point I was willing to try anything and so I was delighted when eventually I was able to walk without pain, even up and down stairs. I would not be without this product now, I would say it has given me my life back

Specialist healthcare categories

Pioneers of age-defying supplements, and specialists in the areas of anti-ageing, osteoarthritis, mobility, sports injuries (preventive and post-operative), performance, vitality, eye health and the immune system.





+ immune system

+ LIVER HEALTH, metabolism & DETOX



Unique formulas that redefine supplements

All products have been developed in Switzerland based on scientific studies and experience gained in medical practice, and prove high efficiency in every day treatment. Continuing consultation with experts and customers is very important to us and countless users - including competitive athletes

The energy activator

for men

Vita energy complex
for Men®

Specific micronutrients designed for the active man,  improves mental function, focus and clarity, increases muscle function and energy, increases testosterone.

The eye vitamin

Vita Lutein Complex®

Contains a powerful and unique combination including Lutein and zeaxanthin, two clinically proven* and very important eye nutrients that may reduce your risk for macular degeneration

The health regulator

Vita Amaraxanthin®

A potent combination of ingredients that can benefit liver function, increase fat metabolism, reduce fatigue and aid cognitive performance

Powerful ingredients

Unlock a better, stronger, longer life, take control of your health, boost your energy and feel great. Our supplements fit seamlessly and easily into your daily routine, and are tailored to provide the most potent, vital ingredients required for your optimum health.

Customer review

I am protecting my eyesight for the future

Michael, Warwick*

for my peace of mind this is now part of my daily routine

It's comforting to know that I am doing everything possible to ensure the health of my eyesight in the future. With a family history of macular degeneration and other eye issues I have researched the best way to ensure my future eyesight can be protected, lutein and zeaxanthin are known to be particularly impressive ingredients and Vita Lutein Complex contains the maximum recommended amount of these, plus several other potent ingredients particular to eye health quality, this is now part of my daily routine and I believe it is worth every penny for peace of mind

Real people, great results

VITA ChondroCurma®

‘Such a great supplement to improve my joint pain. After two weeks of regular taking I can already feel the difference.’


VITA Energy Complex for Men®

“I actually have the energy to go to the gym after work”


* Real customer testimonials throughout, however customer names have been changed and stock images used to protect identities.

Unlock optimum energy, anti-ageing, health and wellness with our Swiss quality health products.

From nutrition tips to mindfulness practices, fitness routines to mental well-being strategies, we explore the pathways to a life filled with vitality. 

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Unlock optimum energy, anti-ageing, health and wellness with our Swiss quality health products